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This is a tumblr dedicated to the ship known as Richonne from the popular comic and tv series The Walking Dead. We appreciate the coupling in both medias and appreciate them as individuals. Go ahead and follow, submit, make gif requests, fanfic requests, or anything. Input is appreciated. Spread the word and spread the love. Not spoiler free sorry.

April 23rd
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April 23rd
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make me choose between two things
: ↳zuzzolek asked: Richonne or Lorick ?

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April 23rd
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so the All Out War arc is done with 126 and everyone is pretty much fine

I don’t know how to feel about this. I get it, I’m a little messed up lol.

I’m going to read the issue, and for those who care, I’ll post some thoughts on it and whether there were some richonne moments. 

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April 23rd
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i watch the walking dead so I can watch rick and michonne together to replenish my electrolytes

April 22nd
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make me choose↳ emmahswans asked: andrea or michonne

make me choose
↳ emmahswans
 asked: andrea or michonne

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April 22nd
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I’m just another monster too.

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April 22nd
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Anonymous: Can you make a prompt of rick teaching michonne how to shoot. Maybe he touches her in like that certain way. You can decide


Their Home

Rick gives Michonne a shooting lesson.

Rating: K

Warnings: None

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April 22nd
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Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira + their cute reaction about Richonne ♥

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April 22nd
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Anonymous: Nominate Danai Gurira (Michonne) for E! Girl on Top 2014: Nominate Your Favorite TV Ladies Now! She deserves to at least be nominated!


April 22nd
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brightley: Is there any indication of Richonne becoming comics canon?

oh no I don’t think so. Rick/Andrea is still going strong which is something I’m finally warming up to, Michonne is still a close part of the family though.