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This is a tumblr dedicated to the ship known as Richonne from the popular comic and tv series The Walking Dead. We appreciate the coupling in both medias and appreciate them as individuals. Go ahead and follow, submit, make gif requests, fanfic requests, or anything. Input is appreciated. Spread the word and spread the love. Not spoiler free sorry.

April 15th
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Richonne precious moments 

April 14th
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Whatcha lookin at there Rick?

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April 14th
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April 13th
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April 13th
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April 12th
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April 12th
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favorite characters + tv tropes

rick grimes | the walking dead (x)

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April 12th
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Anonymous: you ship rick and michonne? i'm sorry but i just can't see rick with a black woman. kinda wierd.


I don’t even know how to answer this.

Are you racist? Ignorant? Blind? Retarded?

Rick and Michonne have incredible chemistry, it’s plain for anyone to see. The way they look at each other. Their understanding of one another. Her love for Carl. They brought her back but I feel like she brought a part of Rick back, too.

Michonne is fucking beautiful and a badass warrior queen. She’s funny, intelligent, strong. JFC she is perfect.

Just omfg I am so enraged I have a serious loss for words right now. My love for Michonne runs deep…she was my favorite comic book character. Danai is a wonderful, gracious woman and her acting is phenomenal. I hope Richonne happens just to piss people like you off.

Sorry anon, hope I didn’t make you late for your klan meeting.

April 12th
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Anonymous: I love your analysis of my favorite couple. This is really how true love works. It's not fake, it's two people under other circumstances that may not even have met, that's why I love the so much, it's a realistic relationship of friend undertone, attraction.

actually I don’t think you mean mine, I think you mean lanie-love09 and yes it was a great analysis. 

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April 12th
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Richonne-Love in the ZA

I wonder how Carl would feel about his father pursuing a deeper relationship with Michonne…whether Carl would be happy for the two of them, especially since he’s gotten to know Michonne’s losses from the past. Another thing I’ve thought was that Rick and Michonne need time alone, away from Carl and everyone else, before they can become more intimate. As private as the two of them are, I’m sure they would prefer time alone to let things develop. Unfortunately, with their current predicament at Terminus, it might be a while. I can hardly wait to see more of their interaction! They have such intense non-verbal communications, I have to watch episodes several times to catch everything!!!