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This is a tumblr dedicated to the ship known as Richonne from the popular comic and tv series The Walking Dead. We appreciate the coupling in both medias and appreciate them as individuals. Go ahead and follow, submit, make gif requests, fanfic requests, or anything. Input is appreciated. Spread the word and spread the love. Not spoiler free sorry.

September 18th
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I want Michonne. 

Is she worth it? One woman… worth all those lives at your prison? Is she?

September 18th
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Richonne judging Merle.

September 17th
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Anonymous: Vote for Danai and The Walking Dead for the first annual Movie Pilot Bloody TV Awards!

vote here

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September 16th
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Anonymous: Are you laughing about the "sex" LOL?

yes. I just. I can’t even. I’m still laughing about it. 

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September 16th
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September 16th
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SFX Article - Danai Gurira on Michonne’s sharp new edge



You’re not carrying your sword today.

Well, Michonne is more than a sword. There is no sword right now. We’ll see what happens. “”. (Laughs)

After the events of last season’s finale, do you think that Rick and Michonne are now more kindred in spirit than they were before?

It made him more of a kindred spirit. They have an intimacy, a knowing. There is a small moment in the finale - it can go unnoticed because there is so much that happens - where they’re talking along the tracks and she’s watching him and he says to her, “Are you okay?” She says, “Yeah.” And he tells her, “I’m okay,” because he thinks she’s concerned. She says, “I know.” He says, “How do you know?” She says, “Because I’m okay too.” She gets him - “You’ve done some extreme stuff and I’ve done some extreme stuff and we’re okay.” What she ends up telling Carl is “I was a monster and you’re not scared of me so don’t be scared of your dad.” That’s what happens in this world.

In season five, she’ve heard the motto is “Hang on to your humanity”.

Right, there is this question of where can it go too far and where DOES it go too far. But with the sort of brutality that this group has experienced, the fact that they’re still alive is a result of sometimes having to have a brutal response. If you look at what Rick has to do in the finale, what he has to do to save his son, Michonne gets that is extreme, but she gets that that was the only way. Her own story was that her man didn’t go to that extent for her son. So there’s a deep understanding she for what Rick needed to do.

September 12th
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September 12th
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September 12th
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Behind the scenes and promo photos for Entertainment Weekly (x) part 2/2

September 12th
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