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This is a tumblr dedicated to the ship known as Richonne from the popular comic and tv series The Walking Dead. We appreciate the coupling in both medias and appreciate them as individuals. Go ahead and follow, submit, make gif requests, fanfic requests, or anything. Input is appreciated. Spread the word and spread the love. Not spoiler free sorry.

July 30th
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The Richonne Grimes Family in the SDCC 2014 trailer

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July 30th
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Rick and Michonne moments 

July 29th
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Rick & Michonne + pastels

Rick & Michonne + pastels

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July 29th
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July 29th
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July 29th
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Saving the best for Last, Richonne spoilish


Saving the best for last, The News closed the session with Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Chandler Riggs (Carl) and Danai Gurira (Michonne).

Seeing those three interact and bounce one-liners off of each other, they come across as much a surrogate family unit as the one they play in “The Walking Dead.”

It was natural then to ask if there could be a potential romance between Rick and Michonne.

"This is the No. 1 question we’re asked," said Lincoln, before Riggs chimed in to add that he wanted to know, too, eliciting laughter from the whole table.

"I think the beauty of it is seeing the pain these two went through losing a child," Danai cryptically answers.

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July 29th
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July 27th
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The Walking Dead cast being awesome + Andy giving extra love to the ‘standing room only’ fans in the back @ the NerdHQ panel.

July 27th
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any thoughts on next season?

July 27th
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